Denver Day 4: Convention 2021 Closes in Contemplation and Celebration

An excerpt from Church of God recap of Convention 2021:

“The new (and eighth) president of Warner Pacific University, Brian Johnson, took to the podium to offer the grand finale message of Convention 2021. Though his disclaimer of not being a pastor by vocation suggested his discourse might feel out of place for such an event, the excellent teaching and dynamic preaching that followed proved otherwise. Referring to multiple stories and scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments, Dr. Brian L. Johnson utilized at least six key terms with alliterations—many pastors only get to three or four! (Christ, Calling, Courage, Character, Credentials, Competence.)

Stemming from Dr. Johnson’s experience in academia as a Christian, the all-too-common notion that scholarly pursuits are unnecessary if divine calling is present was thoroughly repudiated. Anointing is necessary, but Brian Johnson insisted that competence and mastery matters, as well. Noting that you don’t take your pet to a veterinarian who simply feels the calling but never got the degree, he emphasized that Christian higher education still has an important role in our society today—whether or not one’s vocational calling is that of a pastor. After all, “All priests were Levites, but not all Levites were priests,” he noted.


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