9. Dr. Brian Johnson Lectures, Talks, Interviews, Addresses and Speeches

November 8, 2022

Here is another Episode of “Rewind”. These are highlights from the IG-KNIGHT Experience. President Johnson shared his life experiences with our students and spent time with a few available students afterwards to encourage them on a more intimate level. We are blessed to have a President that takes time to engage with students during the day. Click the link below. “Joy and Pain: How To Overcome” John 16:33; Revelation 12:10-12

“Not one or the other but Both (Protest and Reform): W.E.B. Du Bois’s Vision for the NAACP and NOW,” Saturday April 30, 2022, Salem-Keizer NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Banquet (Salem, Oregon)

Virtuous Heroes Podcast: “Looking Into Your Inner Self w/ Dr. Brian Johnson”

Ep. 59 – “Looking into Your Inner-Self ” w/ Brian Johnson

Create time to look into your inner-self and understand your identity with Brian Johnson, Ph.D., the current President of Warner Pacific University and author of 7 academic and scholarly books. Having grown up in a rough neighborhood, Brian had to “fight” his environment in order to be a first-generation student and pursue his passion in academics.

Watch the full episode here: https://lnkd.in/e6DrY3a3

“Where is your Thummim and Urim? (What are your Superpowers?)” (University Chapel November 16, 2021)


“Interview with Sho Baraka: An Evening with Sho Baraka: (on Faith, Race and Storytelling)”:

“Christ-Centered Courage and Calling: Character, Credentials and Competence” (June 2021, Denver, Colorado, Church of God Convention Address)


Opening Convocation Fall 2020 Address. “Grace and Glory: Navigating Sacred and Civic Spaces for the Future of Warner Pacific University” by Brian Johnson


Why Sit Here and Die? (Live, Learn, Lead) Mount Zion Church, Albany Georgia (May 21, 2017)

“Why Sit Here and Die?: Live, Learn and Lead” (Mt. Zion Church, Albany,GA)

George Washington Carver Legacy Medal Lecture (Simpson College): Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver, “Pioneering Partners and Parallels for Posterity”

Carver Legacy Medal Lecture
Fall 2016 Opening Convocation Address: “Be A Seer”:https://youtu.be/HZgkOOyjgqY
Dr. Brian Johnson, Race and Higher Education: Faith Seeking Understanding Series (Gordon College) February 18, 2016

Dr. Brian  Johnson, Interview with U.S. News and World Report

Dr. Brian Johnson, October 21, 2015, Westmont College Lecture, “Du Bois and Faith”

Dr. Brian Johnson, September 13, 2015, 134th Fall Convocation

Dr. Brian Johnson, June 6, 2015, HBCU Nation Radio

Dr. Brian Johnson, “Gotta Fly High Like the Eagle; Gotta Fly Low Like the Dove” at Dr. Bill Winston, Friday March 27, 2015, Marketplace and Missions Conference, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Brian Johnson, Introduction, Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America, May 9, 2015 Commencement Address-Tuskegee University


Presidential Remarks

Tuskegee University: Robert R. Taylor Stamp Unveiling (Remarks from 7th President, Brian Johnson)Photo of 7th President 6-13-14

(2015) Booker T. Washington Centennial Year (1915-2015) Kickoff Lecture-Tuskegee University/”Booker T.Washington: The Person, The President”

(2015) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration-Tuskegee University/”Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Not One or the Other but Both”

(2014) Fall Convocation-Tuskegee University/”The Light of Leadership”

(2014) Introduction of 7th President, Dr. Brian Johnson-Tuskegee University

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