3. Family: Shemeka, Brian Asa and Nathan Morgan Qodesh

Brian and Shemeka Barnes Johnson are College sweethearts where they met at Johnson C. Smith University in 1993. Brian was a rising Junior Honors Student and Shemeka was an incoming Freshman. They first met when Brian gave her a tour of the Honors College and then when Shemeka was in his Orientation Course. Brian graduated in 1995 and Shemeka in 1997. They were married on December 18, 1999. They celebrated their 20th year anniversary on December 18, 2019.

Shemeka is a corporate executive, Senior Vice President within Corporate Real Estate at Bank of America and they have (2) sons-Brian Asa and Nathan Morgan Qodesh. The two were born in Beverly, Massachussetts when Brian was serving as an Assistant Professor of English at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachussetts.


Tuskegee First Family with First Lady of the United States Mrs. Michelle Obama

Happy Holidays


First Family with Boys

First Family Photo (Brian and Shemeka)

Shemeka and Brian Engagement PhotoWedding Car PhotoBrian and Sons PhotoBrian Asa and Nathan Morgan Qodesh PhotoBrian and the Boys Shemeka and the Boys




Dr. and Mrs. johnson1
Brian and Shemeka Johnson20 Year Reunion (Brian)





Shemeka Photo

13 responses to “3. Family: Shemeka, Brian Asa and Nathan Morgan Qodesh

  1. Tamma W Simpson

    What a beautiful family! I love you guys!
    May God continue to bless your lives!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jerry Collins

    Welcome to Tuskegee University!


  3. Aldin L. Everette

    Welcome to Tuskegee, the pride of the swift growing south. It is my prayer that God’s riches blessings be upon you and your family as you join our family.


  4. Angela Rodgers-Reaves

    Greetings from the Commonwealth of Virginia and welcome to the Tuskegee family! My son is a senior History/Political Science major that transferred his sophomore year from Va State University. He’s very excited about his last year, graduation and beyond. I hope at some point your paths will cross so that you may come to know the young gentleman I call Goose. (he will be so not happy about this bit of info-lol) Tuskegee without question produces young adults with outstanding character that will bring tremendous knowledge to any community they choose to serve. This summer my son participated in an unpaid internship program with the Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC. The part that’s left me scratching my head is that many people that we encountered did not know about Tuskegee University. How can we change that?


  5. Dedra Muhammad

    Great looking family!!
    Mrs. Dedra Muhammad


  6. Samuel HInton

    So Proud of these two!!!!!
    Dr. Samuel L. Hinton


  7. Nalungo Harkless

    I love to see pictures of Beautiful families. Thank you for sharing yours. May you continue to strive for and achieve true Success.


  8. Rose Frazier

    This is the kind of family that Pope Francis was talking about when he said the beauty of family life. I met Mrs. Johnson at the Women ‘s meeting last week and she is so down to earth.


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