Tuskegee University: Outcomes Oriented Organization

Brian Johnson, Ph.D.                                                     Friday  June 13, 2014


Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University: An Outcomes-Oriented Organization

I would like to thank the University Board of Trustees, its Chairman, the Tuskegee University Alumni, faculty, staff, students and Tuskegee University friends and supporters both abroad and local for welcoming my family and I as its 7th President.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wife of 14 years and my college sweetheart, Shemeka and my two sons, Brian Asa and Nathan Morgan Qodesh for their continuous love and courageous willingness to embark upon what we hope is a very long and extraordinarily successful tenure here at Tuskegee University.

My remarks at this time will be brief until I am able to meet with my executive council and other campus constituencies to fully unveil my plans. However, for the present, I should like to provide a broad overview of those hallmarks that will mark my presidency.

Aligned to its historic Mission and 2013-2023 Strategic Plan, Tuskegee University will become an “Outcomes-Oriented Organization” with a special emphasis upon the following (5) areas:

1.         Creating a Student Centered Culture:   Student Success, Student Engagement and Parent-Student Satisfaction

2.         Fully Inaugurating 21st Century Higher Education at Tuskegee University: (Through) Innovative and Expanded Academic Programming and Instruction, Infrastructure and Technology

3.         Administering Efficient Resource Management: Data-informed decision-making and Effective Human Resource and Personnel Management

4.         Obtaining a Marked and Increased Enrollment: Recruitment, Retention and Persistence

5.         Fostering a Culture of Advancement and Development: Diverse Portfolio of Fundraising


To this end and directly pertaining to Advancement and Development, my wife and I are pleased to announce our gift to Tuskegee University of an Endowed Student Scholarship at the level of $100,000 at an annual contribution of $20,000 for (5) years.

2014-2015 Year 1 Goals:

  1. Program and Unit Outcomes for every Administrative, Academic and Student Support Service and Academic Department Unit in connection with the 2013-2023 Strategic Plan.
  2. A Comprehensive Self Study of the Institution
  3. Installation and Implementation of Management System for Institutional Planning, Continuous Assessment of Units, Student Feedback and Engagement and Data-Informed Decision Making.

In sum, the administrative philosophy of Tuskegee’s 7th President will be Transparent, Consistent, Collaborative and Communicative to the entire Tuskegee University community including all of its friends and supporters locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

#TrustTheTuskegeeTrajectory #TrustTheTuskegeeTradition


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2 responses to “Tuskegee University: Outcomes Oriented Organization


    Welcome Dr. Johnson and I look forward to working with you as a Tuskegee 1971 graduate.


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